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Organization of the Digitized Annals of Cleveland Materials

There are two main bodies of material available in this site: Classification Lists and Abstracts (summaries created by the Annals of Cleveland staff).

Classification Lists

Each digitized Classification List for the years 1819 through 1835 lists the subject categories of material contained in the Annals for one year. These Lists are organized by year and can be accessed from a menu.


Abstracts which have been digitized are organized into Subject Paths, which are arranged by subject first, and by year second. Once on a Subject Path, you may either navigate from a menu, or by selecting "Next page" at the end of each selection.

To date, material has been digitized on one subject: Canals and Canal Boats. More subjects will be digitized as resources become available.

To view materials from the Annals of Cleveland, select from the menu below:

Menu of Digitized Material
Classification Lists
Subject Path:
Canals and Canal Boats

By selecting Introductory Material from the Annals of Cleveland you will be able to view select material from the historical record, arranged by volume. Digitized material currently covers the years from 1818 through 1835. The material includes:

facing page (staff and project information); title pages; tables of contents; forewords and introductions; classification lists, and selected abstracts (summaries of newspaper articles, editorials, and advertisements). Abstracts are currently available on the subject of Canals and Canal Boats.

This background information is primarily intended for viewers with an interest in the Annals of Cleveland as a historical record in its own right.

As far as practical, the organization of this site echoes the arrangement of the material as produced by the staff WPA project, which is discussed in the following section. Accommodations have been made for the nature of HTML code writing: for example, paragraph indentations have been deleted, and color added to headings.

Organization of the Original Annals of Cleveland

Each bound book of the Annals of Cleveland contains at least one volume, which, with the exception of Volume I (1818, 1819 and 1820, Register), represents one year. Each book contains a facing page, title page, introduction* and table of contents for the book;* classification list* and abstracts for each year; and index for the book. A sampling of pages from the original Annals can be viewed by selecting from the menu below.

* Not included in Volume I

Graphic Examples from the Annals of Cleveland

[note: the contrast and sharpness of these images have been digitally enhanced]

Facing page (Volumes VI, VII and VIII, 1823, 1824 and 1825, Herald)
Title Page (Volumes VI, VII and VIII, 1823, 1824 and 1825, Herald)
More Examples

Researchers interested in access to printed volumes of the Annals of Cleveland will find useful information on the OhioLINK Central Catalog of the Ohio Library and Information Network. More information about the Annals of Cleveland, the WPA, and early Cleveland newspapers is provided in the Bibliography of this site.

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