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The original Annals of Cleveland includes information about the production and organization of the contents. This information consists of a facing page (about the project), title page (about the publication), a table of contents, and a foreword or introduction which explains the structure of the contents and the methods used to prepare them.

The earlier years of the Annals were bound two, three, or even four years together. The introductory materials relate to this grouping, rather than to a particular year, and the digitized material has been grouped accordingly. Materials for the years 1818 through 1835, along with graphic examples from the original Annals, may be accessed from the menu below:

Introductory Materials

1818-1820 Cleveland Register1819-1822 Cleveland Herald
1823-1825 Cleveland Herald1826-1828 Cleveland Herald
1829-1831 Cleveland Herald1832-1834 Cleveland Herald
1835 Cleveland Whig--

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